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Year 2 - Maple Class

Welcome to Year 2 Maple Class





 Our Topic this term is

London's Burning!



In Maths, we will focus on solving problems, and the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along with 2D and 3D shape, lines of symmetry, fractions, weight, length and

interpreting data.


In English, we will be reading a variety of books, with a focus on traditional tales. We will be using our imagination to write stories about our topic using nouns, adjectives and verbs. We will continue to use Bug Club for our phonics lessons, will be focusing on Phase 5 sounds, moving on to Phase 6. These lessons will be differentiated and targeted to where the children are in their learning. We visit our library on a Tuesday.


In Science, we will be looking into the lives of famous scientists and inventors, such as Tim Smit who designed the biomes at the Eden Project and Jane Colden who was the first woman scientist in America.


In PSHE. we will be discussing the different kinds of relationships in our lives, such as friends and family. We will be talking about how to work co-operatively and how to find help when we need it.


In Geography, we will be using atlases and maps to explore the United Kingdom and specifically London. This will help us to find the route of The Great Fire of London for our history next half term.


How can you help?


Use Bug Club at home to enrich your children's learning.

Read all kinds of books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Can you talk about the books? What is your favourite part? Write stories.

Read and write numbers in words as well as digits.

Tell the time – o’clock, half-past, quarter past and quarter to. How many minutes in an hour, half an hour? How many hours in a day?

Use money – which coins can you recognise?  How much do you have? Can you add some coins together? How much change will you get?

Say the days of the week in order. Can you start with a different day each time? Can you spell the days correctly?

Say the months of the year in order. How many months are there? Which is your favourite and why? Can you spell the months correctly?

Discuss the weather and the changing seasons.

Find out about The Great Fire of London.

Be inclusive, respectful, ambitious, resilient and curious.

Support development of our five Elmtree School values: inclusive, respectful, ambitious, resilient and curious.



Many thanks for your support.                               

Miss Fowler and Miss Phillips                                      

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