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Computing is linked to maths, science and design and technology.  Children at Elmtree are taught the principles of computer science where they investigate computation, how digital systems work and how to use this knowledge through programming.  The aim is for children to express themselves in a digitally literate way. This includes understanding what algorithms are and how they work and having an awareness of how the internet works.


Children across the school have access to tablets and an interactive whiteboard in their classrooms.  All children in the main school visit the Computer Suite once a week for a Computing lesson and may also visit at other times to support learning in other aspects of the curriculum including phonics, maths and reading. 


In Reception the children can use a variety of devices such as Remote Controlled vehicles, Bee-bots and Storyphones.   They will begin to use programs such as Textease where they can develop their skills of using a mouse and a keyboard to create pictures and simple text.


In Year 1 the children begin to develop their programming skills by using digital software to move Bee-bots in different directions and to follow pre-planned routes.  They will also be encouraged to further develop their communication skills by using a variety of text based programs where they can change font, size and colour.


Year 2 further develop their programming skills by using the Pro-Bots to record instructions and simple algorithms and begin to learn the basics of block coding using both desktop computing and tablets.


It is essential that the children know the importance of E-safety and keeping themselves and others safe on line.  E-Safety lessons are taught regularly across the school and the children take part in celebrating Safer Internet Day.


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Year 2 Computer art.

Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot Programming