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Meet our Family Liaison Officer, FLO




My name is Sophie Snowdon; I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I am the Family Liaison Officer ( FLO ) for Elmtree School and I am here for you!

Prior to starting my role as Elmtree's Family Liaison Officer, I have been working across all year groups, many of you may already know me,

In my role as Family Liaison Officer, my aim is to ensure that all children are in school, are happy, feel secure and able to achieve their potential. I can be a listening ear and offer support, advice, guidance to parents / carers around specific issues that may be challenging you.

For example:

: Support around adjusting to changes within the family home.

: Helping them with anxiety and building self-esteem.

: Support and sign post to more specific and targeted services in the local community.

: Being worried about your child's emotional or social wellbeing.

: Being worried about your child’s behaviours.

: Parents / Carers who are not sure who to talk to about a situation they are facing at home or school.

Parents / Carers, School and Children can ask me to become involved and with your consent we will explore the difficulties your child is experiencing and identify the best way forward.

Should a child protection issue be identified, I am legally bound to follow Government guidelines.

I will also be supporting the school in promoting good attendance. We are here to reassure you and to help each child settle into class. Therefore, if you are struggling to get your child into school, please contact me to see if I can offer you and your child support and prevent this escalating.

If you want to contact me, please email :

I will also be on the gate in the morning and after school where possible.

I look forward to supporting the community.


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