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Outdoor Learning

We make good use of our space at Elmtree.  Our fabulous sensory garden, field and wildflower meadow complement our attractive playgrounds and offer many opportunities for outdoor learning.


Meaningful learning occurs through acquiring skills through real life hands-on-activities.  This is not only about what we learn, but most importantly, how and where we learn.  It is about improving young people's understanding, skills, values, personal and social development and can act as a vehicle to develop young people's capacity and motivation to learn and enhance all aspects of the curriculum.


In Reception the outside environment is used daily to enhance learning across all areas. Chalk can be used to make marks on surfaces, maths is further extended by pouring and measuring and the children can use washing lines to order numbers. 


In Year 1 children are encouraged to note seasonal changes such as weather patterns, temperature  

and falling leaves.  Children are given the opportunity to make a wormery and investigate where the best places to find worms are.


In Year 2 the children further develop their knowledge of seasonal changes by using the outdoor environment to inspire them to write poetry and stories.


All children can be challenged to use the outdoor environment  to discover the answer to questions such as "How wide is a tree?", "What different types of insects can you find in the Sensory Garden?" and "Can you find any 2D or 3D shapes outside?". 


In addition to our fabulous playground equipment where the children can experience climbing, swinging and balancing the children have a large variety of toys to choose from such as bikes, scooters, balls, hoops and skipping ropes.  All of these encourage healthy living and physical development.


In warmer weather PE is held outside.