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In Art children are given the opportunity to work with a range of materials, including, paints, fabrics and clay to produce creative work.


They become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other craft and design techniques.  Children are also introduced to the works of a range of artists and designers both present day and historical.


During the course of the year Reception may use clay to make Diva lamps and salt dough to make other decorations.  They also use stamps to create repeating patterns and a variety of media to make cards, pictures and representations.


In Year 1 skills are further expanded by children planning and evaluating their own work.  They begin to develop their own style of painting and drawing and can use pencils, charcoal and pastels for shading and highlighting.

In Year 2 the children are encouraged to pay more attention to detail.   They share their thoughts on their own work and how it could be made better by looking at different illustrations by artists such as Quentin Blake and Roy Lichtenstein.  

Art and Design Curriculum Progression Document