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Elmtree Infant & Nursery School ARP opened in January 1997. It is one of four Additionally Resourced Provisions based in Chiltern and South Bucks primary schools.


There are places for 8 children in the ARP who have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) relating to specific speech and/or language difficulties.

The provision has its own classroom which is well resourced with specialist materials and equipment.
The provision takes children, on the recommendation of the Local Authority, from rising 5 to 7 years.

All ARP children are members of mainstream classes, register with their class at the beginning of each session and integrate into it as much as possible.


Aims of the ARP
The ARP provides a specialist education for children with specific speech and language difficulties. It creates an environment, within a mainstream school, that encourages the development of language and communication skills.

The ARP staff assess the needs of individual children, as defined by their EHCP, and develop appropriate educational programmes to include speech and language therapy, specialist language teaching, and work in the mainstream class with the specialist teacher or special support assistant.
The ARP aims to develop each child's full potential to use their communication skills as effectively as possible, and to become increasingly integrated into the mainstream environment.
Criteria for Entry
Certain admission criteria are required to ensure that ARP places are appropriately filled.
Elmtree Infant & Nursery School ARP children will have:
  • An Education Health Care Plan relating to specific speech and/or language disorder
  • A specific speech and/or language disorder with evidence of average or above average non-verbal potential
  • No significant global learning difficulty or sensory impairment
  • A willingness to communicate and ability to integrate into a mainstream class
  • No severe behavioural or emotional disorder which would prevent him/her benefiting from an ARP [SLCN] place 
ARP Teacher: Mrs S. Dowling, SENDCO, Deputy DSL 
ARP Teacher:  Mrs J. Tweddle

Specialist Support Assistant:  Mrs P. Collier

For further information please contact either:
Mrs T. Whitehill
Tel: 01494 771474

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