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Science is one of the core areas of the National Curriculum and provides a basis for understanding the world through biology, chemistry and physics.  It is essential for the future of the world.

Children at Elmtree are taught key scientific concepts through carefully planned topics which cover the range of knowledge and skills set out in the National Curriculum.  Pupils are encouraged to explain how science works through prediction, questioning, classifying and analysis and to look closely at the natural and human world around them.  Children are also encouraged to investigate through practical activities. They are taught how to predict results and to record the outcomes.  


Reception regularly investigate a variety of solids and liquids such as jelly, gloop, cornflour, coloured water and ice.  Children are encouraged to explain how things feel. 


Children in Years 1 and 2 are taught to use scientific equipment and encouraged to experiment. They investigate plants, humans, materials, animals and their habitats. 


In Year 1 children are encouraged to talk about how they use their five senses.  


In Year 2 children will begin to record and evaluate their findings.


Across all year groups we observe seasonal changes as the days get longer and shorter and leaves fall from trees.  Children are also able to experience growing their own food and plants from seeds.  In addition we have a popular gardening club.

In March we celebrate British Science Week.  During this week we encourage children to think about science and expose them to simple experiments.  We often have visiting scientists who have demonstrated both a volcanic eruption and a rocket going into space. 


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Science Progression of Skills Document