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Year 2 - Cherry Class

Welcome to Year 2 Cherry Class


Summer 1


“Walk on the Wild Side!”

What we are learning in school



We will start off the half term with our measurement unit, focusing on how to accurately measure the length and height of both concrete objects and pictures. We will then move on to position and direction, describing movement and turns. Children will use key terms such as left, right, quarter turn and half turn to give and follow accurate




Our first unit will focus on myths and origin stories.

Children will have the opportunity to read and learn about myths from different countries and cultures, retell myths both orally and in writing and finally to write their own myth to explain a natural phenomenon or event. In our non-fiction unit this half term children will both follow and write their own sets of instructions.



The topic for this half term is all about plants. We will be observing plants, seeds and bulbs, finding out what plants need and how they grow as well as looking at the life

cycles of plants and investigating which plants we eat.



This half term will focus on building positive, healthy




We will be learning and playing a variety of invasion games, for example Race into Space and You Can’t Catch Me!



Our focus this half term will be on Nurturing Nurses. We will be comparing the lives and significance of Florence

Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell.



Our art topic this half term is Nature Sculptures, with a

particular focus on Andy Goldsworthy.



We will be programming and operating Pro Bots as well as using them to draw simple shapes.



We will learning how to sing and perform a friendship song.


Many thanks


Miss Phillips

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