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Year 1 - Willow Class

Welcome to Year 1 Willow Class




Welcome to Year 1 Oak Class


Summer Term 1



In maths we will be learning about multiplication, division and fractions. With a focus on the 2’s, 10’s and 5’s times tables. We will look at making groups equal and using counting in arrays to help us.



In English we will be looking at a traditional tales story. With a focus on   re-telling familiar stories and recount events; including sequencing stories and focusing on who is in the event, where events take place and what happens in each event. We will be exploring the story Hansel and         Gretel. We will also be using use story language such as: then, next, one day, once upon a time to help us.  

We visit our Library on a Wednesday.



We will be recapping all the phase 5 phonics sounds with a  focus on sets 23-28.

Set 23—c k ck  ch         Set 24— ce, ci, cy, sc/stl se. 

Set 25—ge, gi, gy, dge   Set 26—le, mb, kn, gn, wr

Set 27— tch, sh, ea, (w) a o   Set 28— suffix—ing, ed

Remember to log on to bug club to complete books and games.


We will be exploring different inventors and what they made. Looking at Lego, and its properties; finding out who Jae Jemison is and learning about   different animals. We will look at different plants that we can name, we will learn to read the weather on a weather gauge, and we will learn about  different ways to keep things warm (insulation).


This term we will be recognising what makes us unique and special. We will be exploring different feelings and how to manage situations when things go wrong.


We will be learning about Kings and Queens. We will look at the role of the monarch, the significance of the British monarchy, looking into family trees, the secrets of Richard the 3rd, learning what a medieval banquet is and comparing Queen Elizabeth the 1st and Queen Victoria. We will visit

Windsor Castle to support our learning.


We will learn how to use programme an algorithm using BeeBots. With a focus of giving directional instructions.



We will be learning different athletic skills to help us prepare for sports day. We will also focus on ball skills including sending, receiving and passing.

Wild Woods— Oak Class—Monday

Wild Woods—Willow Class—Thursday


This term we will be learning all about portraits and using different       materials and techniques to create our own. We will be exploring the work of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol and creating artwork  inspired by them.




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