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Our Topic this term is Pack your bags!




The children will  continue to consolidate their phase 3 sounds and will be exploring phase 4 consonant blends. e.g. lamp, belt, crab. We will recap Phase 3 tricky words and focus on reading and spelling Phase 4 tricky words. We will continue to encourage the children to record the sounds they can hear in words to write phonetically plausible sentences. We will continue to focus on the structure of our sentences, e.g. starting with a capital letter on the left hand side of the page, writing on the lines, leaving a space between words and finishing our sentences with a full stop.  




In Maths we will explore doubling, grouping and sharing, odd and even numbers and the composition of patterns and shapes. We will continue to develop our fluency in number by consolidating our number bonds, identifying greater than, less than and identifying one more, one less.




Our topic this half-term is Pack your bags. We will be exploring journeys that we have been on, landmarks we have seen, recounting and recording details of these journeys. We will be identifying different forms of transport and when we may use these, e.g. bus to the shop, aeroplane to another country. We will practise drawing information from maps and creating our own maps of familiar journeys we have been on. 


How can you help?


· Use their phonic knowledge to write short sentences about journeys or trips they have been on.

· Hide Phase 3 and Phase 4 tricky words around the house, ask your child to find and read them.

· Practise number formation to 10.

· Practise matching uppercase and lowercase letters and using letter names to identify letters.

· Practise forming uppercase letters.

· Count verbally up to and beyond 20, emphasising number patterns (e.g. 10, 20, 30).

· Help your child to identify doubles up to 10.

· Explore sharing quantities equally with your child.

· Encourage your child to get dressed independently.

· Encourage your child to cut their food with a knife and fork.

· Ensure that your child holds scissors correctly and can cut accurately.

· Discuss journeys, trips and forms of transport.


Ongoing support:


· Share books and stories with your child. Discuss the characters, the setting and the events in the story.

· Read EVERY DAY with your child and record their reading in their Reading Records (including books read on Bug Club).

· Ensure that your child brings their yellow reading record and reading books into school each day.

· Log into bug club, share the online stories and consider the         comprehension questions.

· Support your children to value and respect their home learning school books.

· Please ensure your child has a complete PE kit in school.

· If your child has mid-length to long hair please remember it must be tied back everyday.


 Miss Gettings and Mrs McLaren


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