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Welcome to Beech Reception Class





Our Topic this term  is Magical Me!





We will be learning the sound that represents each letter and exploring the sounds in words through a range of multi-sensory activities. We will be sharing and retelling well known books and stories and focusing on reading and writing the initial sound in words. The children will also be practising writing their name and beginning to write initial sounds to give meaning to their pictures, e.g writing the letter ‘m’ alongside a picture of mummy.



We will be talking about numerals of personal significance, recognising and using numerals 1-5 and then beyond. We will be counting small groups of objects and saying the number and recognising the numeral to match. We will also explore some common 2d shapes, explore patterns and think about using language linked to position.



Our topic is ‘Magical Me!’ The children will be exploring themselves, painting self- portraits and talking about themselves, their families and their peers in a positive way. The children will think about their senses, their bodies and how these help them explore the world around them.


How can you help?


Share stories with your child discussing parts of the story - What is the book about? What happened in the book? What was your favourite part? Why? What might happen next?

Provide drawing opportunities and discuss with your child what they have drawn.

Read and write numbers to ten with the correct formation.

Encourage your child to get ready in the morning independently.

Talk to your child about their school day – What did you have for lunch? What activity did you do? What was the best part of your day? How can you make tomorrow even better? What did you find tricky? How can we make it better?

Talk about what you can see/hear on the way home from school.

Play I spy games, noticing things that start with the letter sounds we have been learning.

Practise writing the letters  in lots of different mediums.

Talk about the numerals you see in everyday life and talk about their uses.

Help your child to add labels/initial sounds to family photographs and pictures.

Encourage your child to read simple words in books.


Ongoing support:

Share books and stories with your child.

Make sure your child holds their pencil correctly and writes their name using the correct upper and lower case letters, forming the letters correctly (nip it, flip it, grip it). If your child needs support when writing their name, write their name in yellow and ask them to trace over it.

Practise counting small groups of objects as often as possible.

Recognise numbers in the local environment.


Thank you for your support.


Mrs McLaren and Miss Gettings


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