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Summer Term 1





To support our learning about farm animals we will read stories and sing songs, such as ‘Old McDonald had a farm.’ In phonics we will continue learning a new sound each week. We will also continue identifying initial sounds in words and names and practising blending the sounds together (e.g. c-a-t). The children will also be encouraged to practise writing the letters in their name.

Maths meetings

This half term, in our maths meetings, we will use Numicon to practise ordering, counting and matching numbers. The children will be using positional language to describe the position of different farm animals, such as, in front of, behind, next to. As we will be learning about farm animals we will compare animals relating to size or length. We will also be naming and sorting 2D and 3D shapes


We will be learning the names of different farm animals and describing how they look. We will be learning about what happens on a farm, the important jobs Farmers do and what food we can get from a farm. The children will be creating animals using different materials. We will focus on ’growing’ discussing what happens to baby animals when they grow up and what they are called. 


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