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Summer Term 2



What we are learning in school



Our topic this term is  ‘Under the Sea.’ We will be listening to stories linked to our topic and learning about non-fiction books and information we can retrieve from this. We will be learning the names of different sea creatures and talk about what else lives in the sea.   



We will recap the first six sounds we have been learning, s,a,t,p,i,n. Then we will learn the next six sounds, m,d,g,o,c,k. We will play games to allow the children to practise segmenting words and blending them. The children will also be practising the tripod pencil grip writing the initial letters in words and forming the letters in their names.  


Maths meetings 

We will continue to count out objects and match to the correct numerals up to 10.  We will be counting out objects in a set and sorting groups of objects. The children will be given opportunity to solve number problems, such as I went to the shops and bought 2 bananas and 1 apple how many items do I have altogether?


PE and Library

We will be continuing our PE sessions on Tues AM and Fri PM. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately and if they have long hair it is tied back.  We will also have a weekly session in the library on Thurs AM and Fri PM.


How can you help?

· Encourage your child to spend time outdoors. Go to the local park, practise climbing on the equipment and running to develop gross motor skills.

· Talk about how we can look after our bodies and stay healthy. What should we eat and drink?

· Visit an aquarium or research our topic, under the sea. You could look on the internet or in a book from the library and discuss the different sea creatures that live in the sea.

· Talk about holidays you may have been on. Have you been to the seaside? What would you see there? 


Ongoing support:

Play eye spy to encourage the children to listen to the initial letters in words.

Find and name shapes and numerals in the environments.  

Encourage your child to put on their socks, shoes and coats including the zip or buttons. 

Encourage your child to help to tidy their toys away, talk about other ways we can be helpful.

Practise sounding out words with your child e.g. ‘get your c-oa-t and b-a-g, emphasising the sounds and encouraging your child to blend the words together.


Miss Razzaque


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