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Our Topic this Term is Magical Me!


What we are learning in school




We will be sharing stories about ourselves, friendships and about starting school. We will be going on listening walks exploring different sounds in environment, such as birds, planes etc. We will also be playing rhyming games and practising recognising our names.




We will be counting objects in the environment and we will be singing number rhymes and counting songs, such as 5 little ducks. We will be learning a number of the week (1-5).




Our topic is ‘Magical Me!’ We will be exploring ourselves, by looking in mirrors and talking about what we look like. We will be drawing and painting ourselves, naming  facial features (two eyes, one nose etc). We will think about our senses, our bodies and how these help us     explore the world around us. We will be learning about ‘my family’, ‘my house’ and ’my town’.



How can you help?


Share stories with your child talking about the pictures and what is happening.

Provide drawing opportunities and discuss with your child what they have drawn.

Play lots of counting games and sing lost of number songs such as 1,2,3,4,5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive etc.  

Encourage your child to use the toilet independently.

Talk to your child about their school day.

Talk about what you can see/hear on the way home from school.

Practise mark making shapes, big/small circles and lines. Use different materials such as chalk, paint, pencils. The children can also mark-make in flour and shaving foam  using their fingers.   


Ongoing support:


Share books and stories with your child.

Give your child opportunities for mark making and to  practise correct pencil grip.

Practise counting small groups of objects as often as      possible. Practise counting in everyday life for example counting to ten when going upstairs or counting cups and plates when setting the table.


Thank you for your support


Mrs Sanchez and the Nursery Team


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