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ARP - Hazel Class

Children attend the ARP from Key Stage One (years 1 and 2). Therefore the ARP curriculum incorporates both topics from across these year groups as well as incorporating skills from EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), where appropriate.


Welcome to the ARP- Hazel Class

Summer Term 2 2024




This half term we will begin by reading ‘George and the Dragon’ by Chris Wormell. We will use adjectives to describe the dragon and retell the story using pictures to help us. We will then read ‘The Princess and the Frog’ and use the story as a model to help us to create our own stories. We will ask questions and find out facts about frogs. With support we will write simple reports and create life-cycle diagrams.


In phonics we will continue working on our Phase 3 sounds. We will say the sounds for the graphemes ‘ar’, ‘er’ and ‘oi’. We will practise our oral blending and segmenting- saying c-ar-d and then blending it to make ‘card’ or saying ‘coin’ then segmenting it to say c-oi-n.


In maths we will begin multiplication and division by making and adding equal groups.We always use lots of objects, cubes, counters, ten frames and number tracks to help us with our counting and calculating.We will be exploring simple fractions, finding one half and one quarter of objects and small numbers. 


At home, please encourage your child to practise counting out loud to 20. Don’t forget to tell them to go backwards as well– and to try starting from different numbers! When they are confident at this, try counting with them in 2s to 10 then 20! Please keep using Bug Club to support our learning in phonics too. 



Mrs Tweddle

SEND Home Learning Support