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Year 2 - Mrs Dalston

Welcome to Mrs Dalston's Class


In Year Two, children are able to progress in their independence and their level of responsibility is increased and they are expected to be excellent role models for other children across the school. Our goal is to inspire the children to continue to grow in their love of learning, through building on key skills such as their resilience, determination, curiosity, ambition and problem solving.


Spring Term


Walk on the Wild Side


As mathematicians we will focus on solving problems and the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along with 2d and 3d shape, lines of symmetry, fractions, weight, length and interpreting data.


As readers we will be looking at On the Way Home by Jill Murphy, The Tear Thief by Carol-Ann Duffy, The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Where the Wild Things Are by Morris Sendak along with non-fiction books about plants and animals.


As writers we will be using our imagination to write stories about our topic books using different sentence types, similes, conjunctions and adjectives to make our writing more interesting.


As hand-writers we will continue to practice cursive letter formation.


As spellers we will keep on spelling most common words correctly.


As scientists we will be observing trees, plants, flowers, seeds and bulbs. We will also learn about health benefits of the human body.


As historians we will investigate explorers.


As geographers we will locate continents and oceans.


How can you help?


Read all kinds of books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Can you talk about the books? What is your favourite part? Why?

Write stories.

Make sentences with the word packet words.

Spell the word packet words.

Read and write numbers in words as well as digits.

Tell the time – o’clock, half-past, quarter past and quarter to. How many minutes in an hour, half an hour? How many hours in a day?

Use money – which coins can you recognise?  How much do you have? Can you add some coins together? How much change will you get?

Say the days of the week in order. Can you start with a different day each time? Can you spell the days correctly?

Say the months of the year in order. How many months are there? Which is your favourite and why? Can you spell the months correctly?

Discuss the weather and the changing seasons.

Find out about the world around us

Be inclusive, respectful, ambitious, resilient and curious


Please ask us for help and always share any work that you do at home.

Many thanks for your support.


Mrs Birrell and Mrs Dalston

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Year 2 common exception words

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