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Well Done Assembly

Well Done

24th January 2020



Elsie-for persevering with her maths.


Lilly-Bow-for having super knowledge about what plants need to grow.


James-for counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and using his times tables.


Maham-for trying harder to use her sounds and finger spaces in her writing.


Martha-for fantastic contributions during class discussions.


Tommy-for confidently counting out objects from a large group and sorting them.


Eleena-for being a super scientist.


Caia-for having wonderful, thoughtful ideas.


Nico-for his great ideas when creating his own animal.


Jannat-for being a great mathematician and working hard independently.


Aryan-for good computer skills, trying very hard using the mouse on Colour Magic.


Imaan-for drawing a picture and having a go at sounding out the word.