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PPA and Mid-day Supervisor Assistants

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Mrs Palumbo, PPA
Mrs Tweddle, PPA
Mrs Gammell, PPA
Mrs McGonigal, Nursery MSA
Miss Summerfield, Nursery MSA
Mrs Kirmond, Reception MSA, PPA
Mrs Pearson - Reception MSA
Mrs Bird, Reception MSA
Mrs Taylor - Reception MSA
Mrs Dickinson, Year 1 MSA
Mrs Dyer, Year 1 MSA
Mrs Stringer, Year 1 MSA
Mrs Chapman, Year 2 MSA
Mrs Palmer-Griffin, Year 2 MSA
Miss Read, Year 2 MSA
Mrs Coles, Year 2 MSA
Mrs Akhtar, Nursery MSA
Mrs Ahmed, Nursery MSA
Dolce School Catering, Mrs Woodstock
Dolce School Catering, Mrs Barker