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Monday, 1st March 2021


Happy Monday everybody we hope you had a great week-end and made the most of the glorious weather.  It was so lovely and warm.  Did you spot any spring flowers that are beginning to come out on any of your walks? Can you name any of these flowers?

















We have only had a few photos sent in for the Blog this week but it is lovely to see that you have been exploring, exercising and reading outside.








The Nursery children made the most of the sunny weather last week investigating the mud kitchen.






















They also practised their balancing on the stepping stones and sang old Macdonald had a farm whilst wearing their animal masks!





















It's great to see that you have all been working so hard at home and we are very proud of you all.  This will be the last week for the Bug Club class reading competition so get logging in and reading those books and completing the bug challenges.
































































Year 2 have been taste testing and here is a picture of some dip tasting - looks super yummy!



I wonder which one was the favourite?


Many of you will have celebrated birthdays whilst you have not been at school and here is a fabulous  birthday cake waiting to be enjoyed!





Lastly, whilst most of you have been at home we have made some changes to some of the rooms in school and we are very pleased to be able to show you two new interactive Smartscreens which were kindly donated to us - don't they look great!  Can you recognise what rooms they are in?





This means we have now also been able to move the large monitor back into the Library which will be really helpful when we are looking for information and having our library sessions.




Sadly this is our last blog post but we are all so very excited to be welcoming you back into school on Monday, 8th March.  Until then, stay safe, keep up the amazing work you have been doing and don't forget to say thank you to those people that have been helping you.



See you soon everybody.





Monday, 22nd February 2021


Hello everybody we hope you all had a restful half term break and managed to get outside and make the most of the milder weather.


We will start this week's blog by posting these amazing Rainbow collages by Albie and Joshua from Reception - aren't they fabulous!







The week before half term the Nursery children learnt about and celebrated Chinese New Year.  The children made Chinese lanterns and decorated them with gold glitter.  They looked at the way numbers are written in Chinese and had a go at writing them themselves.  It is the year of the Ox so they made Oxen from cardboard tubes. They also coloured in dragon masks and made concertina dragons. To finish the week they celebrated with a Chinese New Year Party where they tasted noodles and prawn crackers.  After eating they did some dragon dancing with masks and some material. 











































































It was very cold before we broke up for half term so the Nursery children investigated and explored the water that had frozen into ice outside. They brought the ice inside and used watercolour paints to make the ice different colours. 





















It's great to see that so many of you are enjoying testing out the Recipes for the EFF Elmtree Recipe Book and here is a great photo of Grandma's Mocha Cake!  It looks so tasty and those chocolate starts look very appetising smiley.





















Some of you have also been making salt dough, we would not recommend anybody eating salt dough but it is great for making decorations.














































We have also had some children making bird feeders.  It is so important to help look after our wildlife and our countryside and we know many of you went out "wombling" during the last half term so we thought you might enjoy listening to the "wombling" song.








To finish off this week's blog here are just a few photos of some of the important work you have been doing at home before half term.


Alfie has been writing his tricky words.                                       Colouring rainbow snowballs using paint.





















Nico has been working hard finding out how to protect our wildlife and practising making a tally chart.
























These siblings have been super busy getting their home learning done together - well done guys!







































Our very last picture is a cold one - look at those poor geese on Chesham pond!




Thank you for logging on and checking out our blog we hope that we will be able to see you all soon but until then stay safe and keep washing those hands!



















Monday, 8th February 2021


Welcome back to our weekly blog we hope you all had a lovely week-end.  Did you enjoy looking at the snow pictures from last week, we certainly did.  It's possible we may be getting more snow this week so keep warm everybody and stay safe. 


Here is a photo that missed last week's snow pictures.  We are glad to see that the children are dressed up super snuggly for some slippery sledging.   I wonder if any of the Year 1 or 2 children can identify what we call the repetition of the same or a similar sound at or near the beginning of each word in a series?




As part of their PE lesson last week, the Year One children in school were experimenting with jumping and turning - if you have the space perhaps you could try this safely at home.






















Year One were also learning about the history of flight - can you identify from the sheet the different types of ways you could fly?





Look at this fabulous rocket drawn by one of the Nursery children at home last week - well done Abby!




The Nursery children in school have been reading the story 'Whatever Next,' by Jill Murphy.  They sequenced the story and acted it out!   They also imagined where they would travel to if they had a rocket like Baby Bear.  They had lots of fun learning about space and building rockets with the plastic bricks outside











































They also practised their mark making skills in flour - you could try this at home if you have a shallow container.






















It's great to see that some of you have been baking again at home - don't forget to send in your Recipes for the Elmtree Recipe Book. 



Here is an update from the EFF about sending in your Recipes for the Recipe Book.



























It looks like the boys are whipping up something delicious too and they are - for the birds!  What great bird feeders - well done boys!
























Whilst we are thinking about looking after our precious wildlife we also have some children finding out about minibeasts - can you name them?





















We are pleased to see everybody working so hard on their home learning and here are just a few pictures of some of the work you have sent in to show us.


































Year 2 have been experimenting with tints.














































































































































Just a reminder for Mummies, Daddies and Carers please don't forget to log into your Tapestry accounts so that you can enjoy seeing and listening to your teachers reading you a new story each week.   


Unfortunately, there will not be a blog post next Monday 15th February as it will be the start of half term but we would still like you to send in photos of any home learning you do this week and anything you get up to over half term.


Keep logging into Bug Club to practise your reading and phonics and don't forge to complete the Bug challenges! 


As usual we are always happy to help you get on line with your learning so if you need any assistance please just give us a ring on the school number or email and we will do our best to get you sorted.


From all the teachers and staff we can't wait to see you all again soon but in the meantime keep up the amazing work and have a great half term!






Monday, 1st February 2021


Happy Monday everybody we hope you all had a funtastic week-end and yes we did mean fun-tastic!  We thought we would show you some of the super snow pictures that you have sent in during the week.  You have had fun building snowmen, sledging, making igloos and enjoying getting out in the countryside.




































































































Some of you went on to experiment using food colouring to change the snow.






















These pandas were clearly loving the snow and we are glad to see that they had plenty of  bamboo to keep them from getting hungry!




We should highlight at this point Miss Fowler's snowman looking particularly smart in his red scarf and purple gloves wink.




 The Reception children in school also managed to have some fun in the snow too.


























You have all been super busy with the Animal Homes Art Project and we have had such lovely photographs sent in for our Animal Homes Gallery.  If you have not seen them, they are being added to all the time, take a look here


Here are some pictures of the children busy working on their wonderful creations.



































































In the Nursery last week the children were looking at the book Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?  They made special Polar Bear listening ears and had a listening moment where they tried really hard to identify the sounds they heard.  They also made Walrus, Polar bears, Zebras and Lions and have put them on the wall in the Nursery to make a lovely display!  The Nursery children enjoyed playing in the snow too and even brought some inside to play with while they made snowy pictures.




For the Animal Homes art project the Nursery children made snakes from lolly sticks and pipe cleaners and decorated them.  Then they made the snakes a nice warm safe home using natural objects.







































































In Reception as part of their Animals Homes  project they made papier-mâché nests for their colourful parrots and then used paper plates, cotton wool and potatoes to make a penguin on an ice cap!

























Some of you have been busy baking for the Elmtree Recipe Book take a look at these delicious bakes!
































































It's lovely to see some of you learning a new skill  - look at this fabulous long stitch rainbow heart!


We are also loving the fact that you are getting plenty of exercise, which is so important for our health and wellbeing together with eating healthy meals and snacks.




It is children's mental health week so if you take a look at the Wellbeing page on our website you will see a link to a virtual assembly and some ideas you might like to try.



You have also being busy completing some of the online remote  learning tasks and it is great to see you enjoying Bug Club.  Here are just a few pictures of some of the super work you have sent it.











































































































































































So to finish off the blog for this week here are two of our Year 2 children dressing up for Fancy Friday!  We hope you all have a good week, be kind to your grown-ups and anybody that is helping you at home.  To all the Mummies, Daddies and Carers out there home schooling you are doing a fantastic job.  We miss you all and can't wait until we can all be back in school learning together.




















Take care everybody, stay safe and we will keep you updated next week.












Monday, 25th January 2021


Good Morning everybody we hope you all had fun in the snow yesterday! If you made any super snow creatures we would love to see them!


Once again we are pleased to be able to share with you some photos of what the children have been doing in school last week together with photos of your home learning and other activities. It's great to see that so many of you have already started your Animal Homes Art project.  Take a look at the dedicated gallery and see if you can spot your animal home.


Last week the Nursery children were busy using playdough to make faces and also helping to make cookies too.


























































Last week in Reception Miss Gettings sprinkled the children with magic dust and turned them into human scales. The children chose different objects and identified the lightest and heaviest. They used the balance scales to deepen their understanding of light and heavy objects and had lots of fun measuring ingredients to make fairy cakes.

































A homemade balance - fantastic!
















































































































In Year One last week the children at school and home read the story Owl Babies.  Isaac sent us in some lovely work, his retelling of the story and his description of the woods.







Kit and Oso sent in their wonderful retelling of the story too.
























Oso has also been keeping busy with his Maths work.





















Some of the Year One children have been experimenting with ice, shaving foam and rainbow colours. Spencer has been making his own I wonder why book.  We think that's definitely worth a read! 
























































Phoebe made an animal fact booklet - doesn't it look great!

























In Year 2 the children at home and in school read the story Traction Man, they have been learning about continents and have working on arrays in Maths.  Look at all this fabulous work! 























Loylom's recycling poster.









Clover made a super Fact File all about Africa.




We have home baking in Year 2 and having fancy tea parties.  It certainly looks yummy!


























We have some array pictures from the Year 2 maths last week using objects from around the home.























We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the lovely things that have been going on at home and at school and we look forward to seeing more photos next week.


Stay safe and keep washing those hands. 







Monday, 18th January 2021


Good afternoon, we hope you all had an enjoyable week-end.  Thank you all for sending in such lovely photographs of your work and the things you have been getting up to.  We have been really busy in school and are missing you all terribly.


In the Nursery last week the staff put up a wonderful display of some of the children's work. Isn't it great - well done Nursery!  Last week they read the book Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You see?  They made 

bear ears, played Brown Bear Bingo with the animals from the book,  made blue playdough and created blue horses with it.  They also collaged and painted a green frog, a yellow duck, a gold fish and a black sheep.


The children also went to the hall to do some PE including moving like the animals from the story and playing some hoop games. 







































































































Some of the Nursery children at home have been practising writing their names in shaving foam! What great fun -  you could also try it in tea leaves or cornflour.




Last week Reception were learning all about the numbers 5 and 0 in maths. They enjoyed acting out the song '5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed'. In their Topic and Literacy lessons they have been learning about firefighters and the important job that they do. They had fun drawing and painting their own fire engines.  Reception also had a very active week using the Trim Trail and riding the bikes.  During their computing lesson they logged into their Bug Club accounts and enjoyed reading books and playing the online games.  The teachers have set themselves a challenge to see which class can get the most children reading their books and playing the phonics games. If you are experiencing any trouble getting into your Bug Club account on any of your devices please email Mrs Gammell on and she will be more than happy to try and get you connected. 










































On their daily exercise some Reception children have been practising their maths skills by counting the steps as they have climbed them. 






























































































In Year One they have been they making longships and learning about the Vikings! They put Viking shields on and used a large sail to help them move faster!




















































Ruha and Otto have made lovely animal information books and Spencer has been painting pictures of animals - well done!













































































































































Have you written a New Year's resolution too?





In Year 2 the children at home have been trying out all sorts of activities as well as doing their home learning.  Some were out hunting for geocaches which is a little bit like orienteering and there are a few to be found around Chesham and the surrounding areas, while some children went on a scooter adventure to find Chesham's oldest house.









































River has sent us in some photos of his shrimp in his tank at home.  





















Lots of you have been outside enjoying the fresh air and we have more thoughtful Elmtree children litter picking their local environment.  Well done - keep up the good work!


Year 2 have also been working hard on their home learning activities and some children have decided to learn a new skill as well!  Well done everybody.  


























































































































Finally, the EFF are working extremely hard trying to gather photographs for the Elmtree Recipe Book. Please take a look at the guidelines to help  you take the best photograph of your recipe.



Here are the guidelines to help you.




If you have any photos of you and your children helping make your favourite recipes, although these can not be included in the Recipe book, we are happy to include them in the blog.




We are really pleased to say our first virtual assemblies for the Year 2 classes went well today, if you have not yet given consent or have had difficulty logging in please see the guide on the website

alternatively you can email Mrs Gammell on for help.


See you next week!



Monday, 11th January 2021


Happy Monday everybody and welcome back to our weekly Elmtree Blog.  We are sorry that we can't all be in school together at the moment but please check back here weekly to catch up with what we have all been up to!


To all of you that may have had a birthday over the Christmas holiday or are expecting one soon here is a little song from us to you.



To start off our January blog we would like to put a shout out to the EFF who are hoping to produce an Elmtree Recipe Book.



Please check the link on the website to download the Recipe Template which should be emailed to  You can access the link here:-



The whole school has been creating a positive message for us all to read.  During your daily exercise please be sure to come and look at the message at the front of the school.


Last week the children in Reception have been very creative cutting and sticking rainbows, dressing up and acting our their topic "People who help us" and using tape measures to measure things!







































Some of the Reception children have been experimenting with music at home by making their own instruments.  Fabulous - well done!















In Year 1 as well as doing their busy school work they have also been exercising to keep themselves fit and healthy.
























and some of you have been trying out Cosmic Yoga at home.




Year 2 have been learning about habitats, the environment, climate change and the work of Greta Thunberg.  Two of the children in Maple Class have been getting their exercise and helping the community at the same time by doing a litter pick.  Thank you, what a thoughtful thing to do. 





Not only have you been outdoors getting your exercise but some of you have been doing your mental maths outside too.  Here we have a big sister helping with the learning!  Apparently for each right answer they had to run a lap of the clock tower.  Well done!   This was followed by some super handwriting practise at home in the warm.

























Here is some of the wonderful work being completed at home by the children in Years 1 and 2.



































































































It is lovely to see the children helping out whilst they are at home and here is a painting project one of the Year 2 children has taken on.  We look forward to seeing the finished result next week!



The Nursery children have been busy learning about bears and finding out about different types of weather. Look at this lovely weather chart that has been drawn at home!



Meanwhile, the children that have been able to come to Nursery have also been busy building, drawing and experimenting with coloured pasta.









































Before we say goodbye for this week,  Year 2 have been reading the book "The Tiger Who Came to Tea". They have drawn and painted tigers, created a tiger fact file and written a list of food stuffs for a tea party. On Friday they designed teapots - we certainly have some artistic children!





From all of us in school bye-bye for this week and we look forward to posting more pictures next week.


Staff end of term dance for you to enjoy!

Still image for this video

Monday, 18th May 2020


Good morning Elmtree - we hope you all had a brilliant week-end!  There are just a couple of things we need  to let you know before we take a look at what's been happening at home and at school last week.


Due to on-going technical difficulties there will be no singing club this week or after half term.  We would like to thank Mrs James for all her hard work in providing you with some music and singing opportunities whilst we have not been able to take part in our school singing assemblies together and we hope those of you that managed to join in, had a fun time.   The Year Group email addresses will no longer be in use from midday this Friday, 22nd May.  Please revert to using our normal lines of communication pre Covid 19.  Thank you.  This will be the last Elmtree Blog and we hope you have all enjoyed seeing what we have been up to in school and at home.  We have certainly enjoyed seeing all the lovely work, pictures, drawings and photographs you have been sending in.  


We have posted two videos on the Storytelling page today, a well known Jill Murphy story read by Miss Razzaque and some lovely new cartoons written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler and read by Mrs Palumbo


Last week was another busy week for you all at home. Let's see what you have been getting up to.  


Some of the children had great fun learning to tell the time.  Look at this fabulous outdoor clock!





Lots of you have also been using nature to make pictures.  Spencer made a nature mandala in the woods.  If you would like to find out more about making mandalas you could take a look at this website





Here is a super spring picture made after taking a science walk and a fabulous drawing of a Koala to go with a piece of  writing about about a hot country. 

Can you work out which country it is by the animal in the picture?






















It's great to see that you have been making the most of  your daily exercise by getting out and about on your bikes. 




We have had more den building, baking, junk modelling, creative play and growing seeds

going on at home too.











































































































































Look at this lovely tracing Isaac has done with labels!




and Matthew has been doing some brilliant writing too!



It's so good to see you all reading at home too - well done everybody!



Zarah Fatima has been busy finding out how many ways she can make 10, cutting out and labelling a skeleton and identifying the countries in the United Kingdom.




























Some of the children have been observing Ramadan with their families whilst they have been at home and what a lovely way to break a fast than sharing food with a Teddy Bear's picnic.

























The staff have also been finding time, amongst all the busy school things they have been preparing, to enjoy some craft activities at home too.  Mrs Evans and her daughter Rosie have been art journaling and trying to do something creative every day.  Here are a few pictures of what they have been up to.  























In Reception we all love playing with bubbles as a treat for Golden Time but it's not only the children that like chasing the bubbles.  Millie and Freddie love it too!

















The children in school have also been crafting and getting plenty of exercise.  Miss Gettings, Mrs Collier and Mrs Gammell were showing the children how to use the apparatus.


































































At the beginning of the week Mrs Rashid drew some mendhi patterns for the staff and children in school.  Aren't they pretty!



































There was also jelly bug fun going on.  Miss Short hid some minibeasts in some jelly for the children to explore.  























The children also had fun making flower gardens and slimy snails.
























 We are afraid we have come to the end of our Elmtree Blog for the time being whilst we prepare to welcome back some of the children into school after half term.  We will continue to send out regular updates in the normal way to keep you updated on the current situation.


Meanwhile we hope your all stay safe, keep busy, continue being kind to yourself and others and don't forget to take a look at our well-being page for ideas on how to keep yourselves and your families well .





 Monday, 11th May 2020


Good morning and welcome back to our weekly news update.  We hope you all had a splendid bank holiday week-end and made the most of the sunshine.  Did you celebrate VE day on Friday with the people in your household?  Look at this fabulous bunting the children in school put up to celebrate.  Did you make a flag or bunting at home too?


We know quite a few people will be accessing the blog on a smart phone and unfortunately due to the nature of our mobile site the overall layout of the blog is not preserved.  Hopefully, this is not spoiling anyone's enjoyment of the photos but if you do have the opportunity, check us out on a bigger screen it does look much more fluid!


Before we take a look at what has been happening over the past week, we need to let you know that if you have been accessing the White Rose Maths resources from home over the last few weeks the way to do this has now changed.  We will be uploading the weekly worksheet resources to our Home Learning pages at the beginning of the week, alongside the supporting videos to which White Rose Maths are still providing free access.  Please let us know if you have any problems downloading any of these by emailing  Many thanks.




So let's get to it ........  over the bank holiday weekend the teaching staff were keeping themselves busy with an assortment of tasks.


Mrs Shilling was taking advantage of the lovely sunny weather and decided to use her creative talents to upcycle her garden furniture and dye some pasta for the children in school.  Perhaps you could ask your grown-up to help you dye some pasta at home using food colouring to make some jewellery or collages.  There is also an update on how Mrs Shilling's blue tit eggs are getting on.  Click the link here to see them one of the eggs has hatched!














Mrs Dickinson made some tasty apple and cinnamon muffins and recreated this beautiful heart picture with pastels after watching a tutorial in a YouTube video.  We think it is pretty amazing!




















Mrs Dalston has been very creative too, painting and hiding Pebbles of Positivity on her daily exercise and making this lovely salt dough rainbow hands artwork.  Here is the recipe she used if you want to try it at home.



500g plain flour,  250g salt, 250ml water

Mix to a dough

Roll it out                                                                           
Create handprints
Bake in the oven for 3-4 hours on a low temperature








You have also continued to send us in lots of new photos this week and we are really proud of everybody for keeping busy and staying safe at home whilst we can't all be in school together.  It's great to see that you are trying out some of the activities your teachers have been posting on the Home Learning pages for you to do at home.


Here are some of the different things you have been up to.




Sorting materials into their different types,








A piece of sculpture based around the colour blue











Designing an alien and making up lots of alien words and having fun with Dandelion clocks.





Lots of the teachers have been recording stories for you on our Storytelling page and there is a new one being posted today read by Mrs Evans from the Nursery.  We hope to be able to post another one later in the week.  Reading to yourself, listening to a story or playing schools and reading to your toys are all fun things to do and it's so nice seeing you using Bug Club smiley 

















It's also good to see you getting outside and keeping fit too, playing cricket and riding bikes.  The children in school have also been keeping fit and had a go at one of Joe Wicks' warm ups followed by one of the Fitter Future workouts. 

















Mrs Birrell and Mrs Whitehill joined in too.


Have you tried any of the fitness sessions available from the Home Learning page.  Take a look at one of the workouts here  


Did you notice in the picture above what has happened in the school hall while you have been at home? We have lovely new wall bars - don't they look great.  We can't wait until we are all back in school to try them out!





It's so great to see you practising our school rules whilst you are at home and helping others, especially teaching your brothers and sisters to do new things.













































Here are some more photographs of the things you have been making, writing and painting.









Yusuf in the Nursery has been busy.  What a great way to recycle an egg box and some cardboard tubes!


















Zarah Fatima has been drawing a hero picture.












Hector has been completing these sentences using a sheet downloaded from Twinkl



















 Ziggy and Otto have been making minibeasts out of playdough.























Not only have the children in school been baking special biscuits you have been doing more baking at home too. 















































































Here are some of the other things the children in school got up to last week.































































Well that's all for this week.  Did you manage to guess what minibeast was in the tank in the last picture of our blog last week?  Yes that's right - it was a snail!   Have you seen any in your garden or when you were outside on a walk?  Did you find out what they like to eat?  Mrs Evans' story this week is about a very lazy minibeast - why don't you pop over to the storytelling page and find out which minibeast it is.


Well today's last picture is another "Guess Me" and these were spotted by one of the staff on their daily exercise.  Do you think you can find out what they are before next week's blog?



Have a good week Elmtree, stay safe, look after yourselves and don't forget we are missing you all so much.





Monday, 4th May 2020


Welcome back to this week's edition of the Elmtree Blog.   We hope you all had a restful weekend and managed to get some fresh air and sunshine in between the showers.   If you happen to have been past school on your daily exercise you might have spotted this wonderful display of rainbow hand prints in the office window.  Well done to the children in school who have been helping to paint lovely pictures to cheer up our local community.



Thank you to everybody for continuing to send in photographs and emailing us to let us know what you have been up to. 


This week's blog includes some links to video clips taken by two of our Nursery staff, Mrs Shilling who has a nest of blue tit eggs in her garden and Mrs Evans who has been planting lots of yummy things in her greenhouse.    Click on this link and scroll to the bottom to see the videos of the Blue tits and Mrs Evans' greenhouse.


It's lovely to see some of the things you are growing at home.  Here is a radish that has been growing since Year 1 went on their trip along with lots of other seedlings that are beginning to sprout.




















Mrs Dickinson and Mrs Mead have also both been keeping busy while they have been at home by completing these jigsaw puzzles. 













We hope you have been enjoying the stories read by your teachers on the Storytelling page.  There is a new one being posted today read by Miss Short.  Which is your favourite story so far?   Let us know what you have been reading at home.   At Mrs Gammell's house Millie and Freddie have been looking at books too when they have not been chasing bubbles around the garden!  





Have you logged into Bug Club yet - let us know how you have been getting on.






Mrs Bishop has been joining in with Olaf Falafel's Art Club on Mondays at 11.00 am, here is the link if you would like to join in,  look at this fabulous picture!



Lots of you at home have also been drawing some super pictures, let's take a look at this week's art gallery but watch out there are crocodiles about!.




Daneen drew a farm. 

This is Daneen's picture of a farm.



 Amina made a picture using natural materials.






Ziggy used collage to make this picture of a camp-out









                and Otto collaged a picture of Spring.











Mason has been drawing his favourite Mr Men characters.  Do you recognise them?











We also have a poster which was made for International Dance Day last Wednesday, 29th April.  
















As well as all these super pictures and collages you have also been making models and games using recycling you have found at home and using toys to set up your own home learning activities. 






















A Tiger Egg









                                               A Giraffe and a pizza eating T-Rex!







And talking of pizzas these look so yummy -





















followed by homemade cookies for dessert.







This week some of the children have been adding to their baking skills by learning how to make healthy vegetable curry and even a jelly rabbit!  




With all this yummy cooking going on it is important that we keep our bodies healthy and we get plenty of exercise.  We are so pleased to see that you are taking part in Joe Wicks' fitness sessions and finding other ways to exercise outside too.
















Mrs Mead has been out walking with her family for her daily exercise.



You have sent us even more lovely drawings and colourings to share with each other.



















Some children have also been experimenting with their painting skills and have begun even bigger projects like painting trees and their bedrooms!

















We have also had some fantastic writing going on too. 




















and some super maths work, Sophie has been learning her number bonds to 10




Lets's take a look at what the children got up to in school last week.  Unfortunately, the weather was not as nice as it has been so the children spent some time playing in the hall and making models with the lego.





















They have also been printing with large bubble wrap - what a fun idea and making hand print cards for Captain Tom's 100 birthday.   They have also been making tissue paper red kites, decorating more of the patio playground and even made their own cinema for the dolls in the nursery.




























































Well sadly that's the end of this week's blog, we hope you have enjoyed seeing what everybody has been up to.  Have a fabulous week everybody and don't forget to check out the new story on the Storytelling page,  log into Bug Club and perhaps try out Mrs James' music and singing sessions on a Thursday at 2.00pm.  We will send the joining instructions for singing club out again later in the week in case you have mislaid them.


Our final photograph today is a "guess me".  Can you tell what minibeast is in the tank?  His name is Boris.

Perhaps you could have a look when you go outside and see what other types of minibeasts are hiding amongst the plants and trees.




Monday, 27th April 2020


Happy Monday Elmtree!  We hope that everybody had a lovely weekend and that you were able to make the most of the glorious weather. 


Let's take a look and see what has been happening at home and at school.  It has been lovely seeing all the super pictures that you have been sending in and we are very proud of you all for keeping yourselves busy with lots of activities.


First things first, a shout out to Cherry Class.  Mrs Birrell has been tending and caring for the potato plants you all planted before Easter and wow just look at how they have grown!



Some of the children have been busy planting seeds at home too but they have got a way to go until they catch up with Mrs Birrell's potato plants!



The requested 24 Home Learning packs have now been prepared and Mrs Birrell handed out the first one last week.  If you require one please let the school office know. 




Mrs Dalston has also been busy making a wooden rainbow to display in her window at home and making masks and medals for the bears as prizes for a virtual Bingo session.



Miss Fowler has taken up an April Teacher photo challenge which is keeping her very busy when she is not in school.   Out of the challenge so far she has made up a Friends Lego set, done a fabulous piece of mindfulness colouring and made a bench to sit on in the garden from scratch!





Last week in school the children were making the most of the fabulous weather and Miss Short and Miss Gettings helped the children to set up an Elmtree car wash.  Doesn't it look great! smiley





















The children in school have also been keeping themselves fit and healthy with lots of physical exercise.  They have been able to use some of the apparatus in the hall and even gave Mrs Collier a bit of a workout!













Have you been keeping fit with Joe Wicks?  How many star jumps can you do in one minute? 


Do you remember when we all sang this together? 


Some of the children at home have been building dens.  They do look rather cosy and a great way to curl up and enjoy your favourite book.



Whilst these children have been busy den building other children have been really busy at home making things too.  They have made marble runs, rainbow biscuits, masks and monsters!  They have been drawing pictures, writing and ordering numbers.  





These drawings are fabulous!  Keep up the great work children. smiley




Can you spot your photo?





















It has also been lovely to see the children getting out and about for their daily exercise.  Do you recognise where this is? .









You might like to write and send a letter to a friend too.



Finally, when we all get back to school we will have something wonderful to look at on the patio playground.  The teachers are being especially creative at the moment and this piece of art work looks absolutely stunning.  Thank you to everybody that made it!








We are sorry if we have not been able to include every single photograph you have sent in but your teachers have seen them all and want to pass on their delight in seeing what you have been achieving at home.


Our last photo of this week's blog poses a slight conundrum.  Can you make up a name for this very special tree, it looks like it might be a Christmas tree growing Easter Eggs!



Have a great week Elmtree we are all missing you, stay safe and keep washing those hands.

Monday, 20th April 2020



Hello Everybody


Welcome to our weekly Elmtree blog where we will be sharing what has been happening in school and where you have the opportunity to share what you have been doing at home.  Let us know what you have been up to by emailing us at and we will try and incorporate it into our next blog.


Please also take a look at our Storytelling page where we will be uploading a story once a week for you to listen to. 


Over the last couple of weeks in school the children have been enjoying lots of craft activities.  Last week they collected leaves, twigs and grass to make nests for the clay birds they had made the previous week.  They also decorated paper plates for a picnic.  Here are a few pictures of the children.





















The children in school have been outside to make the most of the sunny weather and have been having bike races, unfortunately the bikes were not big enough for the grown-ups but it didn't stop us trying!





















The children have also been making and decorating trinket boxes - perhaps you could make one at home too.









Thank you to everybody, including parents, that have been dropping in treats and today's yummy coffee time snack was this lovely rainbow cake.





Baking and Birthdays!


We are now beginning to receive lots of lovely photographs for the blog.  We will choose some of them to post weekly starting from next week.  However, we could not resist posting these pictures of the scrumptious things some of the children have been baking at home.  We even have a strawberry cake recipe written by one of our Year 2 children.  Perhaps you could try it out at home.  We would also like to take this opportunity of wishing anybody that has had one recently a very happy birthday.   









From everybody in school we wish you at home an enjoyable sunny week!  These children are certainly making the most of the super weather outside.