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Children attend the ARP from Key Stage One (years 1 and 2). Therefore the ARP curriculum incorporates both topics from across these year groups as well as incorporating skills from EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), where appropriate.

Summer Term 1



 Our Topic this Term is ‘Tell Me a Story’


Much of our learning this half term will be based around Traditional Tales such as; The Gingerbread man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will incorporate a lot of these stories into our lessons to support our development of writing, reading, speaking and listening and maths. We will be focussing largely this term on fiction writing and writing for purpose. Continuing to use our sound mats and writing frames to support our independent writing. This term we are going to work on being independent learners.




We will continue to use our phonic knowledge to support us in decoding texts. Using Bug Club we will practise our comprehension and inference skills. Focussing particularly upon; retrieving information from texts and thinking carefully about settings and characters and their emotions.


Don’t forget to use Bug Club at home to support your reading along with your phonics skills and knowledge. Please ask if you do not have your log in details.




In phonics we are continuing to work through our Phase 3 and Phase 4 sounds. It would be great to practise these at home.


Phase 3                                                      Phase 4

Set 6: j, v, w, x                                            Adjacent consonants:

Set 7: y, z, zz, qu                                        These are words with a consonant,                              

Graphemes: ch, sh, th ,ng, ai, ee, igh,        consonant, vowel, consonant

                      oa, oo, ar, or ur, ow, oi,        (CCVC) or (CVCC)

                      ear, air, ure, er                      For example: blot, clap, crab, quilt, soft, next.


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