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Year 1 - Miss Gettings

Welcome to Miss Gettings' Year 1 Class


Spring Term – Year 1

‘Let’s Grow!’


Our topic for this term is ‘Let’s Grow’. In English, we will be focusing on objectives from the National Curriculum in a creative and exciting way. Throughout the year, we will explore a wide variety of texts, both Non-Fiction and Fiction, to support our learning and understanding of language and comprehension. We will be reading non-fiction books such as ‘Whose Baby?’ (and many more!) in order to find out lots of interesting facts about animals. Year 1 are going to become real authors: creating their own amazing ‘Animal Facts’ books. Throughout the term we will be learning to form our letters correctly, use capital letters and full stops and use our phonic knowledge to spell lots of different words.


In Maths, we will consolidate our knowledge of number and continue to develop our knowledge and understanding of different maths subjects including: place value, the four operations, shape, measurement and plenty more! We will be exploring maths in ‘real life’ contexts so we learn how maths is such a valuable tool in real life. Problem solving activities feature across all of the different maths subjects that are taught, so that the children can apply their knowledge of maths within different contexts.


Our topic ‘Let’s Grow will also underpin our other Curriculum subjects such as Art, Geography, Science and History. We will be learning lots of fascinating facts about how plants and animals (including humans!) grow. We are so excited about our Year 1 trip to ‘Odds Farm’ and are eager to spot some of the animals we have learnt about already!


We will be learning the importance of attending school every day, being punctual and wearing the correct uniform.


Our goal as Year 1 teachers is to inspire the children to continue to grow in their love of learning, through building on key skills such as their resilience, determination, curiosity, ambition and problem solving.


Mrs Nowlan-Hunt and Miss Gettings