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Well Done Assembly

Well Done

29th March 2019

Felix-for demonstrating awesome rugby skill in our PE rugby session.


Lola-for awesome maths. 


Tianna - for being very helpful at tidy up time and sweeping the sand.


Selin - for doing really well at reading and trying really hard to sound out the words.


Tammie- for wonderful work in English writing showing focus and commitment.


Mahdiyah- for fantastic work in our class tests and making wonderful progress.


Jodie-for always giving 110% to everything she does.


Amelia-for including full stops, capital letters and fingers spaces in her writing.


Willow-for ordering and wring each part of ‘The Little Red Hen’ story independently.


Zachary-for being a maths wizard.


Teigan-for writing some brilliant addition questions on the whiteboard, double checking and then correcting her answers!


Maysoon-for writing a fabulous recipe for her mum using lots of wonderful language.