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Well Done Assembly

  Well Done

12th January 2018

Lily for writing an interesting New Year Goal.


Ayaan for being a super mathematician.


Harris for making a super snowflake.


Muhammad Ibrahim for his amazing work in phonics.


Aisha for using her phonics knowledge when writing ‘winter’ words on her spiral snowflake.


Eleena for working really hard to cut her and decorate her snowflake.


Zac for a great New Year’s Goal.


Eva for writing her numbers using numerals and words.


Abdul Raheem for his work in science, he was able to identify the different materials and give ideas of what we could do with them.


Saniya for her work in maths, Saniya could explain what we would use the scales, tape measure, jug and thermometer to measure.


Ruby for writing a detailed recount about her Christmas Holiday. She was so enthusiastic to share her news with the class.


Hai for creating a beautiful picture of a Winter scene. She added lots of super Wintery adjectives to her picture too.