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Well Done Assembly

Well Done

21st June 2019

Ryley-Jay-for trying really hard in his writing across all subjecs and beig a super 2D & 3D investigator.


Jannat-for being very active and having fun whilst joining in with the A-Life activities.


Minuli-for doing good thinking about foods that are healthy or not then drawing and labelling a lovely picture of them.


Faye-for writing brilliant step by step instructions on how to make a fruit kebab.


Ella-for really focussing in the classroom and working hard to produce some wonderful work.


River-for showing lots of enthusiasm and focus during our yoga session.


Inaya-for being an amazing reader.


Ayan-for being resilient during our Sports Day practice.


Fatima-for including the features of a pirate in her picture.


Peter-for his great drawing of his pirate Captain Minecraft.


James-for designing a really scary pirate!


Lenny-for writing so many brilliant facts about the most famous pirate – Captain Blackbeard.